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A well made menu increases customer satisfaction and chances of getting a positive review.

How long does it take to create a menu from scratch?

High Effort

An effort you could dedicate to your business

Creating a digital menu by yourself requires a significant effort and dedication, forcing you to dedicate precious hours to technical and design tasks.

Long development times

From 1 week up to months.

Starting from scratch, it could take several weeks or even months to develop a well-designed and functional digital menu, taking away precious time from your business.

Expensive maintenance


Managing and maintaining a digital menu requires continuous reviews and updates, increasing operational costs and requiring additional resources.

Intuitive, easy and fast

AI Menu Conversion

Instantly transform your physical menu into digital.

Thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence technology, you can easily convert your physical menu into an attractive and professional digital format.

Just take a photo of your paper menu, and our AI system will analyze it, automatically extracting all dishes, descriptions, and prices, creating a digital menu ready to be customized and published.

  • Instant conversion of physical menu into digital
  • Accurate recognition of dishes, descriptions, and prices
  • Save time and effort in creating the digital menu
Esempio menu pizzeria

Check out some demos we realized for you!

Below we have created 2 simple demos, one for a restaurant and one for a pizzeria, to help you imagine your menu with Leader Menu.

This is how easy  it is to create your menù.


Create a free account

In a few seconds, thanks to Google Authentication (🔒) you will be able to create an account.


Restaurant Infos

Add all the useful infos for the restaurant, such as address, phone number and email address.


Add products to your digital menu

Create the various categories and add to each the respective products with description, image, and price.


Share your QR Code or the Link

Done! Your digital menu updates in real-time every time you make a change. Share the QR Code or the menu link with your customers et voilà, your menu is ready to use.

Environmentally Friendly

Thanks to Leader Menu, you will avoid having to continuously reprint the menu when there are changes as everything is done in the cloud. You and the environment benefit.

Automatic Translation

Our menu is compatible with all next-generation browsers, such as Chrome, so if you have international customers, they can simply translate the menu through the browser's native features.

Simplified Management

Update your digital menu in just a few clicks, without the need to reprint or redistribute physical copies, saving time and money.

No App to Download

Everything is done online, both for you and your customers, making the experience accessible to everyone and simplifying your life.

Eye-catching Design

Create a professional and eye-catching digital menu, customizable with your brand and your images, to attract customers' attention.

Advanced Customization

You can truly customize everything, from dish images to colors, to the main restaurant image, all while maintaining a modern, simple, and appealing design.

Easy Maintenance

Keep your digital menu always up to date quickly and easily, making changes in real-time without having to reprint or redistribute physical copies.


We know how many expenses a restaurant owner already has, so by purchasing the annual plan of Leader Menu, your digital menu will cost you only $8.34 per month, with no hidden costs.

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What can Leader Menu do?

SEO Optimization

Rank high in Google search results with your menu thanks to our menu optimized for search engines.

Cutting-edge Framework

Thanks to the web frameworks used to create Leader Menu, we can guarantee high-level performance for your digital menu, making the user experience even better.

Highest Quality Images

We use top-level and reliable image storage services to showcase your dishes to your customers.

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Not sure what to choose? Each plan includes a free trial to help you decide!

Choose between a monthly or annual subscription for the premium plan.

MonthlyTry and decide.
$15.99/ month
  • All premium features
  • Advanced customization
  • Free updates
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Priority support
AnnualThe most convenient plan.
$190$99.99/ year
  • All premium features
  • Advanced customization
  • Free updates
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Priority support

Frequently asked questions

How much effort is required to create a digital menu from scratch?

Creating a digital menu from scratch requires considerable effort and dedication, as it involves technical and design tasks that can take precious time away from running your business.

How long does it take to develop a digital menu? (Without Leader Menu)

Starting from scratch, developing a well-designed and functional digital menu can take several weeks to several months, depending on your resources and skills, taking valuable time away from your business operations.

What are the maintenance costs of a digital menu? (Without Leader Menu)

Managing and maintaining a digital menu requires continuous revisions and updates, increasing operating costs and requiring additional resources.

Can I customize the design of my digital menu?

Yes, our powerful editor allows you to customize every aspect of your digital menu, from images to colors, to create a visually appealing experience that is consistent with your brand.

What are the pricing options for the digital menu?

We offer flexible pricing options, including a free trial (with no credit card required) and a premium monthly or annual plan, to allow you to have a professional digital menu without breaking the bank.

How can a digital menu help increase my sales?

An attractive and well-designed digital menu can make a difference in increasing conversions and sales for your restaurant, thanks to appetizing dish descriptions, high-quality images, and an improved customer experience.

How does the AI-powered menu conversion work?

Our advanced AI technology allows you to easily convert your physical menu into a professional digital format. Simply take a photo of your paper menu, and our AI system will automatically extract all dishes, descriptions, and prices, creating a digital menu ready for customization and publishing.

Why is the Premium plan the most popular option?

The Premium plan offers a comprehensive set of advanced features, including customization options, AI tools, priority support, and free updates, making it the most popular option for businesses that want to create a professional and feature-rich digital menu.

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